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Spirit-Lifters! Cheer-Up Gifts For Someone Who Needs A Boost

gifts to cheer up someone

Everyone needs a little cheering up every now and then. Maybe you have a friend who's going through a difficult time in their life. Maybe your son or daughter is facing a tough challenge at school. Or maybe your spouse needs some encouragement for their career or wellness.

If there's anyone in your life who needs extra support, let them know you are there for them. A simple conversation with you may be their spot of sunshine. And if you want to go the extra mile, give them a tangible reminder of your encouragement -- a small but meaningful gift can be valuable token for them at this time. Here are some excellent presents you can give to that dear person in your life who could use a lift.


1. For someone who needs motivation

Whether your loved one is facing a career roadblock, a financial issue, or even a tricky subject in school, you can be by their side -- not to solve the problem for them, but to help them find the courage, wits, and motivation to successfully do it themselves. Hence, a great gift for them would be a practical tool for their endeavor, such as a premium app or software they could use, a how-to guide or a tutorial, or even their own personalized stationery for professional business.

Another encouraging gift idea? A deeply inspiring artwork they can see for most of their day, like this motivational Bible quote that can brighten their bedroom or office:

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2. For someone who is grieving

There is no easy way to help someone in grief, as it is an unavoidable part of life that must be endured. What we can do first and foremost is to patiently stay by their side, just offering our companionship. Eventually, we can try to usher them into a better perspective of their loss. It's the perspective that, while their loved one is no longer physically around, they are filled with many beautiful memories of the departed -- and that is a legacy worth celebrating with gratefulness.

The "Heaven In Our Home" pillow above perfectly encapsulates this. It also comes as a commemorative canvas print (below), so you can choose which form will better soothe your loved one's grief.

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3. For a young person with growing pains

Adolescence and young adulthood are rife with painful experiences: heartbreak, rejection, failures, complicated social dynamics. As we mature, we realize that these experiences help us become better persons, but for our children who are currently going through these pains, a positive outlook may be difficult to maintain.

Help pick them up with little gifts related to their interests, be it pop culture, sports, or fashion. You'd be surprised at the power of collectibles in picking up a teenager's mood! Of course, it's best to accompany these material treats with a good honest-to-goodness conversation to provide them with some parental wisdom.

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4. For someone fighting an illness

Whether it's a common cold or a serious life-altering disease, a sickness of the body can take a toll on the soul. Your thoughtfulness is valuable to keep their spirits up!

There are various little things you can give as a get-well gift to a sick loved one: their favorite comfort foods, a care basket, even an afternoon of movie-watching with them. But some of our favorite presents are the Bible verse blanket (above) and the matching Bible verse pillow (below). They not only bear an inspiring message but are also so cozy and warm -- exactly what the physical body needs!


5. For someone who feels lonely

Some people feel lonely because they're missing a loved one who's far away. Others feel isolated or unaccepted in their social circles. There are also persons who, despite being surrounded by people, still crave a deep connection with a real friend.

No matter the type of loneliness, it may be worth it to offer your companionship. A phone call would be nice, but it's much better to spend time with your loved one in person, just catching up without looking at your watch. And as a reminder that says "You are not alone," gift the Psalms pillow below with God's message: "Be still and know that I am with you."


6. For someone who made a mistake

"I'm not that perfect Christian. I'm the one that knows I need Jesus." Isn't this just the best reminder for someone who's trying to atone for their mistakes? Its message is that even if we're Christians, we are humans and we make errors -- which is exactly why we cling to the grace of Christ. He doesn't expect us to be perfect. It's his love and constant welcoming of us that redeems us from our imperfections.

That's a comforting truth for all of us -- as comforting as the Christian sweatshirt above that bears this message. Gift this to someone whom you know is constantly trying to be a better follower of Christ.


7. For a depressed loved one

Depressive disorders are real health issues which in some cases end in tragedy. If your loved one exhibits symptoms of depression, do take steps to help address it. To learn what you can do to support your depressed loved one, read this guide from the Mayo Clinic.

For times when your loved one just needs a quick laugh, we've got a compilation of Christian humor here! Also, try gifting them the funny "Jesus" tumbler below, which can be their quirky mood-lifter for those blue days.


Which of these gift ideas do you think would brighten your loved one's day? No matter what kind of cheering up you decide to give, we are rooting for you and your beloved!

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