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Parents, Try This: Teach Your Kids About God Through Art

Parents, Try This: Teach Your Kids About God Through Art

As Christian parents, it is a challenge for us to introduce our small children to God, Jesus, and the Bible. We have to strike a balance between being engaging to their young minds and meaningfully imparting a sense of faith in them. One way we can do this is by exposing them to age-appropriate art that reflects Christian faith. Here are some tips to help teach your child about God through art pieces and artistic experiences.


1. Illustrate the Bible with excellent imagery.

Nothing captures a child's attention like vivid images and colorful visuals. For your Bible storytime with your little one, choose books that illustrate Bible stories with age-appropriate imagery. You don't have to be limited to book pages, either. You can supplement Bible stories with other artwork like 3D Bible scenes (your Nativity set is an example), cards and printouts, and even fine art. Guide your child to look at the art, pointing at characters and actions as they follow along the story.


2. Surround your children with visual reminders.

Speaking of child-friendly visuals, it can be helpful to hang colorful wall decor around your child's bedroom or playroom to remind them of your Christian teachings. We particularly love the idea of translating The Ten Commandments into kid-friendly language then hanging it up as a brightly colored wall art.

Wall art pictured above: "God's Top Ten" Premium Canvas


3. Fill their world with music and poetry.

Songs and poems are pieces of art, too, and they can be really helpful in making our kids remember the beauty of God's creations. Choose some easy-to-memorize songs and poetry lines that you can keep reciting with your child every day. Our favorite is "All Things Bright and Beautiful," which is a perfect "Good morning" poem. Try reciting some lines from this poem as you take morning walks with your little one.


4. Choose artful Christian gifts.

Presents are always exciting for kids. Whenever an occasion is coming up -- birthday, school ceremonies, Christmas -- use the opportunity to gift your child with a nice Christian item. We have a handy list of gift ideas for Christian children, from toddlers to teens -- click here!

Blanket pictured above: "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" Fleece Blanket


5. Tell stories behind artworks and symbols.

There are actually many fantastic stories behind Christian art and symbols -- and these stories just might pique your child's interest while also giving them some valuable lessons. For instance, we have compiled some stories behind Christian crosses here (our favorite is the story of the anchor cross). We also have a few stories on magnificent Christian art pieces around the world. Tell interesting stories such as these to fuel your child's interest in Christianity.

Jewelry pictured above: Colored Wings Cross Necklace


6. Make Christian art interactive.

A hands-on experience is, of course, one of the most engaging ways to teach kids about Christianity. See if you can find virtual or online art classes sponsored by your church or other Christian organizations. You can also opt to conduct a do-it-yourself art activity. Challenge your kids to create their own illustration of their favorite Bible story, using art materials you provide them. Go outside the box, too: apart from paper and coloring materials, give them other media like safe playdough, sticks and leaves, fabrics, and boxes.


7. Fill your home with God's beauty.

To help your children appreciate God's beautiful handiwork every day, make your home a lovely, peaceful oasis for them. If possible, open up those windows to let in the sunshine and allow a view of the outdoors. Play Christian music for relaxation. You'll also want to fill your house with Christian decor items that are both religious and tasteful.

Wall art pictured above: Limited Edition Cross Sunset 5-Piece Wall Canvas


For more tips and ideas to help nurture your child's Christian faith, read our previous blog post here.

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