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13 Christian Gift Ideas That Kids And Teens Will Love

Christian gifts for kids and teens

Picking a present for a picky child? It can be tricky, especially when you hope to share Christian inspiration through your gift. While an appreciation for material things should definitely be moderated, there are objects that can vitalize our kids' faith and appeal to them personally. So for your child's upcoming birthday or your teenager's graduation, here are recommended Christian gift items that they will actually enjoy.


Christian gifts for toddlers (Ages 1 to 3)

1. Bible characters plush toys

Stuffed animals and dolls are main attractions for little ones, so when you include characters of faith in their plushie collection, Christian stories immediately become a hit. You may want to go for stuffed toys that are not only great cuddle buddies, but are illustrative as well.

If you already have a collection of animal plushies, you can make a cardboard Noah's ark for them, like The Craft Train did here!


2. Christian "quiet book"

Quiet books are the perfect cross between paper books and plush toys. They're flipbooks made of a soft material (like felt), intended less for reading and more for bedtime-friendly scanning. You can buy a quiet book from the many kiddie shops around, or you can make one yourself! Christian mom Stephanie shows us a nice example.


3. Bible stories DVDs

Of course, a foolproof gift for toddlers is a fun DVD of their favorite stories. Make good use of this entertainment technology by bringing Bible stories to life or playing Christian songs that your child will want to replay over and over. Word to the wise, however: it is always best to review the content first and supervise your young child when sitting down to any media.


Christian gifts for schoolkids (Ages 4 to 12)

4. A prayer to keep

If you're teaching your child to pray the Holy Rosary, what could be a better gift for them than a Rosary bead set of their own? Pick one with an attractive design that will catch your young one's eye.


5. Colorful reminder

Speaking of multi-colored, colorful art will no doubt appeal to schoolage kids, especially those who have begun to read. Now is a great time to use art to introduce them to essential Christian teachings such as The Ten Commandments. 


6. Art for a child of God

If you'd like to pick a more elegant piece of Christian art that your child will also like, try a canvas print like the one above. It bears a lovely Christian message for kids and adults alike, and it adorns that message with a lifelike floral design. Hang this beauty above your child's bed and let it set a pleasant atmosphere in the room.


7. Angel light

For most children, a soothing night light is essential for sweet dreams, which is why it's a great idea for a present. Look for a lamp that is not only pretty but also features a Bible verse or a Christian prayer. It's a beautiful thing for your child to see right before they drift off to sleep.


Christian gifts for teenagers (Ages 13 to 19)

8. Cool clothing

I Am A Daughter Of A King Women's Hoodie

While it's true that teens can be hard to please when it comes to fashion, there are plenty of Christian apparels that can easily appeal to their tastes. Printed hoodie jackets are a good bet, particularly those that have professional graphic designs. Note the pretty pullover above and the bold statement piece below.

I Only Kneel For One Man And He Died On The Cross Men's Hoodie


9. Classy accessory

To My Son Premium Men's Cross Bracelet

Teens love to accessorize, but that doesn't mean they're always garish and showy. You can engage your teenager's penchant for accessories by gifting them with a Christian-themed piece of jewelry -- something elegant and timelessly beautiful, like the premium men's Christian bracelet above. It's not just for fashion. It's your way of connecting your child with God everywhere they go.


10. A good book

The Bible is THE best book recommendation for a Christian of any age, but there are also other (human-authored) books that enrich our perception and faith. This is especially important for adolescent and teens, as this is the formative period for their inner life as adults. Consider youth-oriented Christian self-help titles, or insightful classics like The Pilgrim's Progress.


11. Tumbler teen

Have you noticed how today's youth are huge fans of beverages? You'll typically find them carrying around water bottles or chugging their favorite coffee blends. Here's a toast to that lifestyle: a cheeky coffee tumbler featuring two energizing fuels in anyone's life (Jesus being the primary one).


12. Blanket statement

Your teenager may assert that they're too old to be dragging around a security blanket, but they can't deny the cozy comfort of a warm throw. The Bible verse-printed fleece blanket above would make a nice gift for when your child is going away to college or for Christmas-season snuggling.


13. Talk to God

We top this list with this customer-favorite item at a beautiful wall sign that can soothe anyone who lies awake at night. It's just the thing for your teen to put up in their bedroom or dorm room, keeping them company during those nights of adolescent crises. It's a reminder to say a prayer, to lift up their worries and pains to their Eternal Father (and best friend).


Which item in this list would be a perfect gift for your child? If you're looking for more ways to spark and strengthen your child's faith, we have some practical suggestions you can try here.

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