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NEW: Christian Pillows and Blankets for Faithful Decor and Gifts

Christian Bible blankets and pillows

Pillows and blankets are some essentials for a livable home -- a home that's conducive for rest, reflection, and prayer. There are endless designs for covers and cushions in the market today, but we at Christian Style sought designs that really support a Christ-centered lifestyle.

This is how we came up with our new Christian-themed pillows and blankets. Take a look at some of these designs that are perfect for your own home or as presents for someone you love:


1. Christ strengthens me

The timeless Bible verse of Philippians 4:13 provides powerful motivation to any believer. We feature this Bible quote on a soft premium blanket so you can have encouragement that literally comforts you. This cushion would also make a great gift to a friend who needs a little boost in their life.


2. Lay me down to sleep

You have probably taught your child to say this bedtime prayer every night. With this matching prayer blanket design, you can provide a comforting physical object for them to snuggle with. This blanket is made of a premium fleece material that is soft and warm while being durable, so your little one can enjoy its comfort for years.

Bonus tip: If you need more gift ideas for your child or teenager, we have a fantastic list here!


3. The one my soul loves

This sweet pillow is perfect for a Christian couple's bedroom. It features a verse from Song of Solomon that just beautifully encapsulates a deep, spiritual kind of love. On your wedding anniversary or your spouse's birthday, surprise them with this affectionate gift.


4. Heaven in our home

When a loved one has passed, we look back on their legacy and realize they were a "bit of heaven in our home." It is a wonderful idea to have a keepsake -- such as this commemorative pillow -- to honor their memory in a serene, beatific way.


5. We will serve the Lord

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." What could be a more appropriate Christian home decor than this pillow? Position this as a throw pillow on your couch to help invigorate the Christian devotion in your family and guests. This would also make a nice housewarming gift or wedding present for a new Christian family.


Did you like the religious blankets and pillows featured here? Find more of these by browsing our newest collection at! We hope to see you there, and may you always have a wonderful, faithful Christian home.

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