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Our Best Affordable Christmas Gifts for Christian Loved Ones

Christian Christmas gifts for family and friends 2020

As Christians, we know that Christmas presents shouldn't be about extravagance or monetary value -- it's about the personal meaning of each item, a meaning shared between you and the recipient. For Christmas 2020, this thoughtful gift-giving is even more significant as everyone needs some extra cheer after such a tumultuous year. Here are our top gift ideas that are budget-friendly yet wonderful for each special person in your life.


1. For wife

A beautiful piece of home decor will light up your spouse's face, especially if the artwork features a Bible verse that is meant for her. The watercolor-inspired floral wall art above shows your wife that you have faith in her and you pay attention to the way she beautifies your home.

Wall art pictured above: "God Is Within Her" Premium Canvas


2. For husband

A new shirt becomes extra-special when you specifically choose a design that goes well with your husband's faith -- and style. The T-shirt above features Psalm 28:7 in a masculine graphic print that's perfect for your godly soulmate.

Shirt pictured above: My Strength And My Shield


3. For mom

Mom would be delighted by lovely piece of Christian jewelry that has a special message on it. We picked the bangle-bracelet above because it's pretty and budget-friendly, too! It bears the Psalm verse "Be still and know that I am with you", so your mother will always have a reminder that she raised her child right.

Jewelry pictured above: "Be Still And Know..." Bangle

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4. For dad

To match mom's gift above, we recommend this Christian bangle jewelry for dad. The Bible verse on it is a favorite: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It also has a unisex cross design, so your father can wear it when he fancies.

Jewelry pictured above: Philippians 14:3 Bestseller Bangle (Necklace version also available)

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5. For grandparents

At their age, our grandma and grandpa deserve to be completely relaxed. Let them know you're thinking of their comfort by gifting them with a cozy pillow-and-blanket combo. Our Bible verse pillow (above) plus fleece blanket (below) can speaks to their physical and spiritual wellness.

Pillow pictured above: "Be Still And Know That I Am God" Pillow


Blanket pictured above: "I Can Do All Things Through Christ" Premium Fleece Blanket


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6. For son

Lots of Christian-themed apparel today are well-designed for the youth. The statement tee above has an energetic text print that your teenage or young adult son would like. This is one Christian clothing he'd actually wear.

Shirt pictured above: Hustle Hard, Pray Harder!


7. For daughter

A young girl can show off her Christian faith with grace and style. This hoodie proudly showcases a godly message via a feminine text print, making it a great addition to your daughter's wardrobe. A t-shirt version is also available here.

Jacket pictured above: "Daughter Of A King" Hoodie


8. For sibling

For your brother or sister who's always headed somewhere, a highly practical gift would be a beverage tumbler for their hot coffee. But don't just grab one off the store shelf. Choose a tumbler with a Christian design to also lift their faith every time they get a caffeine boost. This one we picked for its subtle humor that can also make your sibling smile.

Drinkware pictured above: "Coffee And Jesus" 30-oz Tumbler


9. For your best friend

Speaking of funny gifts, this tumbler with a Christian pun is perfect for your "to die for" best friend. The pun has truth to it, too! Our tumblers are available in five different colors so pick one that matches your recipient's style.

Drinkware pictured above: "I May Not Be Perfect..." 30-oz Tumbler


10. For a special person

A nice artwork is a foolproof Christmas present for anyone who you want to feel special. It might be your significant other, a mentor, a friend, a coworker, or someone in your church. Choose an artwork whose message directly speaks to the recipient. The wall art above is wonderful for someone who needs motivation and support.

Wall art pictured above: Philippians 4:13 Premium Canvas


We hope our gift guide helped you find the perfect presents for your loved ones! If you're still looking, browse for more of the items featured above. We have lots of Christian clothing, home items, and accessories in various designs and colors. From all of us at Christian Style, may you and your loved ones be blessed with a wonderful holiday season!

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