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Grandparents Day: 10 Gifts And Activities For Christian Grandmas and Grandpas

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Thank God for loving grandparents! They are truly among our best blessings, selflessly providing us with care and wisdom. Even our parents appreciate how Grandma and Grandpa are ready to lend a parental helping hand whenever needed. Best of all, our faithful grandmothers and grandfathers exemplify a full life -- not without flaws and mistakes, but ultimately anchored on God's love and grace.

It's only right that Christian families cherish their grandparents. In the US, Grandparents Day is celebrated on the Sunday after Labor Day, so this year, it's on September 8, 2024. Here are some gift and activity ideas to make this day extraordinary for your beloved Nana and Pop-pop.


1. Casserole party

Your grandparents have never tired of making you some comfort food. For  Grandparents Day this year, give back some of this love with a surprise casserole party at their home! You can visit them with warm dishes that you cooked yourself, or you can restock their kitchen with their favorite ingredients and cook with them for extra family bonding.


2. A shared symbol

Christian jewelry cross necklace pair

Some pieces of jewelry aren't purely aesthetic. They can be a meaningful symbol for something that is relevant in one's life. If your grandparents are a couple dedicated to Christ, you can look at jewelry dedicated to their faith like the one above and would make an elegant symbol for them to wear together. You can also give one to a grandparent and wear one for yourself, as a sign that you are bonded not just by blood but also by faith. 


3. Grandparent entertainment

Here's a sweet idea for families with little children: Stage a special 'variety show' for grandma and grandpa, featuring the kids' talents! It could be a mix of singing, dancing, poetry, and more. To start you off, we found a few kiddie rhymes and songs here that small children can perform for their grandparents.


4. "Retirement" shirt


Christian shirt grandparent God retirement


Gran and Gramps often have terrific humor about their advanced age -- why not share the chuckles with this cheery "retirement" t-shirt? What's really lovable about this shirt is that its message rings true! God has good things planned for us in the long term, and our grandparents understand this better than anyone.


5. Special bookmarks

Looking for a craft project to make for gran and gramps? These fun, custom photo bookmarks will help them with their Bible pages and make them smile. Just look at those happy faces of their grandkids, greeting them between the pages of the book! You can find the do-it-yourself instructions here.


6. This Grammy Prays



Nana will love this adorable shirt, especially when they receive it from their beloved grandchild! It's also a good idea to opt for a t-shirt for them to wear all year round.


7. Art for the soul

cross wall decor I Can Do All Things - Philippians 4:13

Use the power of art to beautifully depict your grandparent's faith while also adding appeal to their home. The beautiful canvas above is an eye-catching example. Not only does it have a powerful verse, it also features daisy flowers. It's a memorable sight and a powerful reminder of Christ's love.


8. Morning Brews With Christ

Christian Bible coffee mug

A coffee mug is a simple yet greatly cherished gift for a grandparent. It can be a comforting companion during their morning routine or a delightful addition to their collection. We suggest gifting a mug with a beautiful design, much like the Jesus Flag USA coffee mug featured above. 

9. A Gift To The Zoo


Taking grandparents to the zoo with their grandkids can be an incredibly special and memorable gift. It's a chance for them to spend quality time together, enjoying the wonder of nature and the excitement of seeing animals up close. From watching playful primates swing from branch to branch to marveling at majestic big cats, every moment at the zoo is filled with joy and discovery. It's not just a day out—it's an opportunity to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


10. Wear Your Faith

Christian Grandparents Gift Shirt He Will Order His Angels

A Christian t-shirt like above makes for a meaningful and uplifting gift for grandparents. It's a way to honor their faith and the spiritual legacy they've instilled in the family. With inspiring designs and powerful messages, these shirts serve as a reminder of the enduring strength found in their relationship with the Lord. Whether worn to church, family gatherings, or simply during everyday activities, these shirts become a symbol of their unwavering devotion and a source of encouragement for all who see them.


Which of these ideas would your grandparent love best? We suggest preparing your Grandparents Day present as early as now!

If you liked the clothing, home items, and decor featured above, find more at Happy browsing, and all our love to your grandparents!


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