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Meaningful Father's Day Gifts for Christian Dads

Father's Day gift ideas for Christians

A challenge for this Father's Day: go beyond the usual greeting cards and mugs, and give your dad a present that truly has meaning. Express your heartfelt appreciation and thanks, and show that you pay attention to his interests. Above all, choose a gift that nourishes the soul and helps the recipient live his faith.

How do you capture this in a tangible present? Consider these Christian gift ideas for Father's Day -- unique, affordable, and utterly meaningful.


1. Faith at work

Christian accessories cross bracelet

It's a great idea to pick a gift that your father can use in his everyday work. It's even better if that item can serve as his daily reminder to dedicate his work to God. Find a piece of Christian wearable that your dad will use and like, such as this cross bracelet that can go from casual settings to formal office attire.


2. Proverbial sweatshirt

If you've got workwear covered, how about casual wear for dad? Make it a little more special than a mass-produced t-shirt -- try a high-quality hooded sweater that has a timeless Bible verse print. The Proverbs hoodie above is a top-rated example, as our customers love the look and feel of the jacket, and they get plenty of compliments for it.


3. Video award

Many times, do-it-yourself gifts that take a bit of time and preparation turn out to be the most rewarding. One idea is to compile video clips of your dad to show the numerous ways he helps you grow.

Dig up family videos from your childhood, from relatives and friends, and from other people he may have inspired. You can also capture some recent moments. Put all these recordings together in one montage with some captions. Then your dad can watch and re-watch it anytime he needs a little uplifting.


4. Show appreciation for your dad

Christian gift Dad's t-shirt

A Christian-themed t-shirt may not be the most conventional Father's Day gift, but with exceptional quality and meaningful design, it can become a highly cherished present. The t-shirt featured above stands out for its inspiring print and its top-notch material. Dad can proudly wear it during outdoor activities like camping or fishing, or simply relax in it at home, finding comfort and inspiration in its message. You can check out the t-shirt above here.


5. Personalized Bible

The Bible is a timeless and fail-proof gift for a loved one. If you want to take it one step further, consider a personalized copy to give to your dad. The example above goes all out by printing your loved one's name within the verses. For a more understated and inexpensive option, you can order a customized Bible book cover with your father's name on it (a quick Google search will give you stores that do this).


6. Powerful fuel

Christian gift coffee mug

For the dad who's always bustling with his coffee in hand, a reliable and robust coffee mug is a must. Yet, let's go beyond mere utility. For Christians, their true source of strength lies in their unwavering faith in Jesus. Elevate your dad's daily routine with this empowering Jesus-themed coffee mug. It's not just a vessel for his favorite brew; it's a symbol of his spiritual fuel, ready to accompany him on every journey.


7. Book-spiration

An inspirational book is always a wonderful gift for Christian fathers. There are so many to choose from, but one we like is "Golf's Sacred Journey" by acclaimed psychologist David L. Cook. It's a novel that mines profound wisdom from the sport and from life in general.

Bonus tip: You can also buy an audiobook version of the title of your choice. Put this on your dad's phone so he can listen to it anytime.


8. A beautiful prayer

Christian wall art

Wall art for dad? It can be tricky to find a piece of wall decor for the best man in your life, but we've picked one that's just perfect: it's the He Left The 99 For The One. This piece is an inspiring and beautiful reminder to display in an office, bedroom, or family room.


9. Keeping warm with faith

I Only Kneel For One Man

We adore the notion of sporting a Christian hoodie on Father's Day! It's a lovely gesture to get them a hoodie that they can embrace their faith. Take a look at the dad hoodie featured above, which is the perfect way celebrate fathers day. 


What do you think of these gift ideas? Do you have another Father's Day present in mind? Share with us in the comments!

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From all of us at Christian Style, happy Father's Day to loving dads everywhere!

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