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Honor Your Mother The Christian Way: 7 Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day gifts presents for Christians

Mother's Day is a wonderful occasion to observe, as most of us rarely stop to appreciate the 24/7 labors of love that our moms do for us. But as we hunt for the perfect Mother's Day gift, we must take care not to be distracted from the essence of this day: beyond material presents, what really matters is that our mothers feel our gratitude and respect for them.

So aside from flowers and chocolates, here are some practical yet meaningful gift ideas to celebrate Mother's Day this year.


1. Esteem her both privately and publicly.


Mother's Day gift wall decor


This is a great point raised by Christian author Tim Challies. He writes, "Parents long to see how they have impacted their children." It brings them joy to hear that you have learned from them or admire them.

It's easy enough to praise our moms in private conversations, but it takes some creativity to do this in front of others. Mother's Day is the perfect time to do it. A simple way would be to make a toast to mom during a dinner gathering. A more lasting way is to display an artwork spotlighting this amazing quote.


2. Acknowledge her daily work.



It's usually the small, everyday tasks that can zap any parent's energy yet go unnoticed. From cooking to doing laundry to attending to kids and even holding down a day job, it's a thankless cycle for mom most days of the year. But for Mother's Day, let her know her toils are always appreciated. You can tell her upfront, or you can leave little thank-you notes at places where she does her tasks.

And if you want to celebrate this further, present her with a "mom power" token, like the This Mama Prays Women's T-Shirt above.


3. Tap into her interests.

Mothers Day Christian gift ideas

Just because our moms are older doesn't mean they've run out of things to do. On the contrary, at their age, they may start exploring new hobbies or revive old ones.

Try showing some interest in what she likes, whether it's as homely as gardening or knitting, or as active as ballroom dancing or Zumba. At the very least, give her a gift that's related to her hobby. She'll love using an item that her child has given her, and even more, she'll love knowing you care about her interests.


4. Encourage and support her.


Mothers Day gift Bible decor


As adult children, it is now our turn to provide assistance to our mothers. It's important to be there for them even when they don't ask, because many times, the challenges of age are kept hidden. And yes, while providing for them financially is a major form of support, so are emotional encouragement and spiritual companionship.

Evangelist Jordan Standridge suggests, "Encourage them in their walk with the Lord. Thank them for their example. Push them towards increased involvement in the Church. Point out their strengths."

A great way to do this is by sharing an uplifting Bible verse, like in the beautiful Bible quote art above.


5. Let her rejuvenate in good solitude.

A nice rest is one of the best gifts for our hardworking moms. To make Mother's Day special, don't just leave mom alone for the day and come back without any effort. Ensure that she spends this time for her inner peace. Do the chores on her behalf, let her stay somewhere nice and quiet, and offer some revitalizing extras like reflection books and tea.

For many families, one way to give mom her R&R is to treat her to a nice spa day. But you can also arrange this with a church retreat or in your own home


6. Carve out family time with her.

Mother's Day may not be a public holiday, but you can still dedicate a couple of hours to spend time with mom on this day. Don't forget to gather the entire family for this, too. Go on an afternoon picnic, eat out together at her favorite restaurant, or have a lovely dinner at your parents' place. Whatever you do, use this time to genuinely engage with your mother.


7. Use actual words to express your love.


Mother's Day present christian shirt


Symbolic gifts and gestures are fantastic for Mother's Day, but nothing can really replace hearing words of appreciation. Have a heartfelt conversation with your mom, and tell her how blessed you are to be her child. You can also choose to gift a shirt she can proudly wear.


What are you planning to give your mom this Mother's Day? Or what's the best motherhood gift you've ever received? Tell us in a comment!

Here's to a happy Mom's Day to all mommies and mamas, from the ChristianStyle family! Check out our mama's Christian collection here.


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