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9 Christian-Themed Decor Ideas for Every Room in Your Life

Christian wall art decor ideas

From our homes to our offices, it's easier to live our Christian faith when we are surrounded by lovely reminders. Thankfully, there are plenty of wall decor options available today that are not only pleasing to the eye but also enriching to the soul. We've picked out some wall art suggestions for you to hang in your house and in your workplace, to help stoke your faith in the most visually attractive ways.


1. Living room

Here is where you unwind with your family and entertain your guests. There's usually a lot of activity here, so a great artwork for the living room would be something that's understated, not too loud, yet beautiful on its own. This vibrant watercolor print of a sunset behind the cross is a fine example.


2. Bedroom

In the private space that you share with your spouse, it's only natural to be sweet and romantic. This Bible verse takes that to a deeper, more profound level. "The one whom my soul loves." It's the purest, most ideal kind of relationship, making this wall art perfect for your shared bedroom.


3. Dining room

You never forget to say grace before every meal. Why not turn that beautiful prayer into something visual? Here's a lovely piece of calligraphy that you can hang over your dining room table. It's wall decor that keeps on blessing!


4. Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the busiest place in the house -- and also the place where you get your fill of much-needed coffee! Amid all the bustle, don't forget that Jesus is still your number 1 fuel. This cute wall sign helps you remember that!


5. Bathroom/Toilet

Yes, even the bathroom can be an opportunity for a little Christian reminder! This funny bathroom wall sign is just that. Plus, it will make you and your guests chuckle!


6. Office or Study

Work can often get you stressed or overwhelmed. Whenever this happens, it's good to open the Bible and let the Word revitalize you. This wall decor gives you a timeless, encouraging Bible verse in a bright, energizing hue, so it's a great sight in front of your desk.


7. Child's Bedroom or Nursery

If you have a child, you know the value of introducing God to them and helping them realize how blessed they are. This dainty wall art would be a great addition to their bedroom. Even if your little one is still too young to understand, this decor would still be a nice visual touch to the room.


8. Entry

The decor in your entryway is the last thing you see before you go out in the morning and the first thing you see when you arrive home at the end of the day. It's only fit that you display the Serenity Prayer in this room to help remind you of what it means to be a Christian. This wall art renders the prayer in a gorgeous wood-like background so you never get tired of seeing its rustic beauty every day.


9. Hallway

This is such a fantastic saying, reminding us to be patient and to give praise no matter where we are (in the house and in life). And of course, it's perfect for the hallway. This wall decor would look great among your family photos and other wall art.


Which one of these wall pieces would you love to see in your home or office? Leave a comment!

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