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Stay Cozy With These Christian Clothing For Sweater Weather

Christian apparel for cool weather

As we welcome the autumn and winter seasons, we're looking forward to more cozy moments in sweet solitude or with our loved ones. To name some: reading a book under the sheets, relaxed movie nights, family cook fests, hot chocolate by the fire. Like you, we at Christian Style love these moments, so we've picked out some clothing items that will help you stay warm and snug when the days turn colder. These clothes are for men and women, so take your pick and get some for your loved ones, too!

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1. "I'm Not That Perfect Christian" Hoodie

Apart from being warm and soft, this hooded jacket bears a reminder for the faithful: "I'm not that perfect Christian; I'm the one that knows I need Jesus." This is exactly what we try to remember everyday -- that despite our very human imperfections, we strive to be close to the Lord and draw from His godliness.

Also available in other colors and styles.


2. "Christ First! Then There's Baseball" Long-sleeved Shirt

For any Christian who's a fan of baseball, this sweater is perfect! Its graphic print is inspired by classic sports signage, making it stylish for indoor and outdoor wear (just layer it if you're sporting this outside). Meanwhile, its combed cotton material is just right to keep you toasty and comfy. You can also gift this shirt to a friend or a family member who loves America's favorite pastime.

Also available in other colors and styles.


3. "Daughter Of A King" Hoodie

The print on this cute pullover says, "I am the daughter of a King who is moved by the world, for my God is with me and goes before me. I do not fear because I am His." This faithful message is rendered in a youthful pink design that can go with any girl's outfit. A perfect present for Christian daughters this chilly season.

Also available in other colors and styles.

For more gift ideas for Christian kids and teens, see our blog post here.


4. "He Will Order His Angels" Long-sleeved Shirt

How about a unique sweater that has a statement print on the back? This one bears a winged cross emblazoned with a Bible quote from Psalm 91:11: "For He will order His angels to protect you wherever you go." We like the idea that God's Word is literally covering our back. :)

Also available in other colors and styles.


5. "Faith, Hope, Love" Hoodie

This hooded sweater is great for all ages, but teens will especially love it! The symbolic print is cool for casual wear -- modern and hip, yet also minimalistic. What we love most is how this fresh design proudly proclaims key virtues of the Christian faith, so our youngsters will proudly wear them, too!

Also available in other colors.


6. "I Asked God -- He Sent Me My Wife" Hoodie

Christian husbands, this jacket is for you! On the back, it boldly says "I asked God to make me a better man. He sent me my wife" -- a statement that is very Christian and romantic at the same time. Surprise your spouse by wearing this during quality time, and see how it makes her smile.

Also available in other colors and styles.


7. "I Asked God -- He Sent Me My Husband" Long-Sleeved Shirt

Here's the women's version of the fantastic print above! "I asked God to make me a better woman. He sent me my husband." Here, we feature this nice message on the back of a long-sleeved sweatshirt, but we also have it on a hooded jacket on the Christian Style shop. Wouldn't it be sweet for husband and wife to wear these matching Christian clothes together?

Also available in other colors and styles.


8. "My Hero Is Jesus Christ" Long-sleeved Shirt

Now here's a Christian clothing design that's unisex, good for all ages, and appropriate for many casual occasions. Some of our customers even wear this sweater at work, because the design is bold but not distractingly loud. Most of all, the fabric is warm and comfortable, letting you move around or just relax -- whichever the occasion calls for.

Also available in other colors and styles.


Bonus: Bible Verse Fleece Blanket

We top this list off with something that's not clothing, but a cold-day essential, too: a nice, warm blanket! We specifically use a microfiber fleece fabric for this one, so you're completely cozy under it. And we adorn it with one of the most well-loved Bible verses: Philippians 4:13, which says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Now you can snuggle in the warmth of God's Word!


How about you? What's your favorite thing to wear or do during cold seasons? Tell us in a comment!

Or, if you're ready to shop for more Christian-themed apparel, browse for jackets, sweaters, shirts, and more.

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