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Christian Interiors: Living Room Decor That Puts God At The Center

Christian Interiors: Living Room Decor That Puts God At The Center

As a central space in our house, the living room helps set the tone of our day-to-day lives. Here is where we gather with family, receive guests, and relax on our our own pace. Often, we do other things in the living room as well -- some light work, children's games, and lots of naps happen here.

This is why here at Christian Style, we believe that key rooms in a Christian home, particularly the living room, should be decorated accordingly. While we don't advocate excessive ornamentation, we know that the atmosphere of our interior spaces should be conducive for a graceful, faithful lifestyle. Here, we've picked out some living room decor pieces that can help you create a tasteful Christian ambiance in your home. Click on each link to learn more about these items.


1. Elegant printed prayer

This beautiful canvas print of The Serenity Prayer is not only an stylish wall art, it's a godly reminder to see every day. And seeing it will be a treat to the eyes every time because of its refined text design and rich, rustic wood-like background. This artwork can also grace various occasions, from laidback day-to-day decorating to classy evenings with guests.


2. DIY cross wreath

Wreaths are a favorite ornament across the seasons, but for a uniquely Christian feel, why not put up a cross-shaped wreath? The cross wreath above is actually something you can easily make out of coat hangers! You can then adorn and re-adorn it according to the occasion: flowers for Easter Sunday, holly sprigs for Christmas, and more! We have crafter Shellie Wilson to thank for this ingenious do-it-yourself project.


3. Mantel art

If your living room is blessed with a lovely fireplace and a mantel, that is a prime spot for arranging an artful display. Our go-to decorating tip for this area is to lean a large piece of art against the wall, then complement it with a few smaller ornaments (small picture frames, vases of flowers, figurines, etc).

The art you display on your mantel should be something that has a Christian message and is visually appealing at the same time. We recommend the watercolor-inspired cross artwork below, which has vibrant sunset colors fit for an aesthetic display:


4. Home dedication art

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." -- Joshua 24:15. This rustic Bible verse wall decor is perfectly fitting for a Christian home. You can hang this wall sign over your couch, above your sideboard or console table, or near the entry, proudly letting your guests know that yours is a faithful household.


5. Daily framed Bible verse

If you like displaying Bible quotes as decor, but want to have more flexibility in choosing which verses to feature, try this craft idea: put a dry-erase board in a pretty frame, and hang it on a visible wall. Now you can write and re-write different Bible verses on it! Many people have actually made this craft as an erasable kitchen memo board. But crafter Ashley Connelly gave us the idea of featuring Bible verses on it instead.


6. Commemorative pillow

If you have lost a dear member of your household and would like to honor their memory in a tasteful way, we suggest this dainty commemorative pillow. It bears a sweet message about your loved one bringing heaven into your home. Its neutral color and design also make it a versatile addition to any interior color palette. Most of all, it offers a huggable companion for those days when you're reminiscing about your loved one.

Christian Style also has other tips to memorialize our loved ones at home -- click here.


7. Hallway praise

We love this Christian wall quote about praising God. It's a reminder that the Lord hears our praises even in the most unassuming spots of the house -- and indeed, even in the most obscure corners of the world. We can see this artwork hanging beside the doorway, prompting us to lift our prayers before we head out to our daily routine.


8. Cozy throw blanket

The homiest living rooms have the coziest throw pillows and blankets. If you're going to add some warm textiles over your sofa, make it a blanket with a lovely Christian design. The Bible print fleece blanket above literally has the Word of God written on it, and it's one of the most universal Bible verses as well ("I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"). The neutral color of this blanket makes it an easy addition to any color couch, and its soft, warm fleece material is an ideal companion on chilly days.


We hope this post inspired you to thoughtfully design your living room to make it a god-centered space. Which of these Christian living room decorations do you like the most?

If you're ready to redecorate, you can find more of these religious home decor items at the Christian Style shop -- click here!


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