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25 Everyday Things To Be Thankful For (That We Often Forget!)

common things to be thankful for

There are special moments and things in life that fill us with so much joy that we can't help but exclaim, "Thank you, God!" Then there are those other blessings: the ones that are common and somewhat expected, the ones that aren't as grand or extraordinary as, say, winning the lottery. These everyday things are inevitably taken for granted, but they are significant blessings that should be included in our gratitude list. Here, a gentle reminder of some common blessings to be grateful for today.


1. Health

Even when we're not completely fit like models, or even when we have minor complaints like allergies or irritations, our bodies are still capable of doing amazing things. We can work, play, explore, and take charge of what we do.


2. Supportive friends

As long as you have someone to talk to when you need help or someone to go out with when you feel like unwinding, then you have someone to be thankful for.


3. A song that gets you going

Whether or not you consider yourself a music fan, there's always at least one song that gets your head bobbing. And when that song starts to play in the dreariest of times, it's like a little ray of sunshine that energizes you. Let go and let it work its magic.


4. The roof over your head

You have one of the most basic human needs. You may not think it's much, but it does the job well.


5. Things that make you laugh

Who cares how silly that YouTube video is, or how corny that joke was? Laughter is an amazing booster. Thank heavens a lot of (free) things can still make you chuckle. Check out these funny examples of infusing humor into Christian life.


6. Being forgiven by someone

Imagine how tense life would be if a friend hadn't forgiven you all those years ago, or if that stranger you bumped into chose to be hostile instead of calm. Notice forgiveness in all its forms, and be thankful that it had eased the situation.

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7. Little acts of kindness from strangers

Someone opening the door when your hands are full, helping you change a popped tire, or even just giving way on the road...Strangers can be kinder than most of us realize. Take note and appreciate.


8. When your kids embody what you've taught them

Parents, your job is so important and grueling that you also deserve to relish your unsung feats. Notice when your child has developed the habit of saying "Please," "Thank you," and "Sorry." Or when they willingly share their toys with other kids. Or when they demonstrate concern for people and animals. Thank God your kids are growing up to be the well-adjusted individuals you guide them to be.

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9. Your comfy bed

Ahh... few things are better than being able to plop down on the bed after a long day. A little piece of heaven, this one.

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10. Conversations while waiting

It's wonderful when people strike up conversations while queuing up at the supermarket or sitting in the waiting room. Apart from reducing the boredom of waiting, it also indicates that there's still enough human decency and social graces to go around.


11. Cheap treats that you like

When so many things are too expensive, it's a minor miracle there are still good foods, places, and activities that don't cost much -- or are free!


12. Art

Beautiful paintings, music, and literature are gifts that keep on giving. Thank God for the artists that produce your favorite works.

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13. How beautiful your beloved is

Seeing a person every day can make us overlook their beauty and unique qualities. Take a moment today to note the qualities you love about your spouse or partner. It might be a physical feature, the way they talk, their kindness, their humor... rediscover as many as you can find, and remember how blessed you are with them.


14. Good news in the papers

Newspapers and TV often lean towards bad news, but positive stories tell us that the world is not really hopeless and that people are still doing what they can to make things better.


15. Efficient or helpful coworkers

Thank God for coworkers who do their jobs well and make work a little easier for us!


16. Arriving safely

A grandma gave us this gratitude reminder: "People often ask God for a safe trip, but rarely thank Him for a safe arrival." Be thankful for getting to your destination without harm. Even driving your usual route could have been an opportunity for accidents!

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17. Pets

We may be the ones taking care of our pet dogs and cats, but when they show us love back, it feels like we're repaid tenfold!


18. Past relationships

The more we grow, the better we are able to look back at our former relationships -- not with sadness or anger, but with a smile. Healing really does happen over time, and in many cases, we are eventually able to pick up lessons from former flames. This is a beautiful thing to be grateful for.


19. A good shower or bath

Isn't it great that something so refreshing and relaxing is also free?


20. Efficient workers around you

Bus drivers, construction workers, restaurant servers -- there are so many people around us whose efficient work makes our life better. We ought to thank them in any way we can -- and to thank God for them, too.


21. Something that has lasted for years

Be it a trusty pair of jeans, a sentimental household item, or a local library that has stayed open for decades, it's a blessing when something stays reliable for a long time.

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22. The many fun things to do after work

With some eagerness and maybe a few friends, there are endless (healthy) ways to unwind. You don't even need to spend a cent -- just think of all the free and fun things you can do on weekends!


23. Technology

Think about it: A decade ago, you had to locate a telephone and wait for someone to pick up to tell them something. You had to wait for taxis and internet connections and reruns of the TV shows you missed. These days, you can just whip out your phone from your pocket and do everything at once. So many things are easier now because of technology. (Use it wisely! See these essential reminders for Christians on social media.)


24. Coming home to a household you like

Whether you're greeted by an idiosyncratic family or a wagging tail or a room of peace and quiet, you're blessed to come home to an environment you love.

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25. Love, in any form

Romantic love, platonic love, familial love, even the love you see between people you don't know -- when you acknowledge that these exist in the world, you can see that this is not such a bad place after all.


What are you thankful for today? Share the grateful vibes in the comments!

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