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Christians, Have You Tried This? Creating A Prayer Closet

Creating A Prayer Closet

With all the messy, disorienting things happening in the outside world today, we as Christians need to strive more to maintain our inner peace and strength. Most of us are compelled to stay home, spending more time with family, maybe even working from our own computers, while also dealing with some level of anxiety.

Amid all this, do we have space in our own homes to be in touch with God? Here's a very practical tip that might pleasantly surprise you: create a prayer closet!

What is it and how do you make one? Read on and be inspired.


What is a Christian prayer closet?

A prayer closet is what its name implies: it's a small room in your house that's specifically meant for prayer time. It can be a literal closet that you redecorate in a special way, or it can be any other space that you redesign to be conducive for prayer. Here's a nice example from Just Disciple:

Why would Christians need a dedicated prayer closet? It's more than just a decorated room. Praying should be done in a sacred space, one of solitude and quietness, allowing you to convene with God in the sincerest way.

Dedicating a room is ideal for this because it gives you the privacy you need, while also being clear about your intention and activities in that space. Most other rooms in our homes are multipurpose: you can work on your dining table or take a nap on the living room couch or watch TV in the bedroom. But a prayer room is for a single purpose only, and that is to pray.


Steps To Create Your Own Prayer Closet

1. Choose a spot.

Prayer Room

As mentioned, it does not have to be a closet. It can be an extra room or corner in your home that you can dedicate for prayer. Just make sure it is a closed space (walled off) and located away from the noisiest parts of the house, so you get privacy and are free from household distractions. Examples of spaces you may use are:

  • A storage room filled with things you can give away or donate.
  • A section of your attic where you can sit and kneel.
  • A fraction of your bedroom that you can curtain off.
  • Space under the stairs that's enough for you to go in.
  • A corner of your hallway that you can close off.


2. Clean and declutter the space. 

You want your prayer closet to be conducive for hours of reflection, including Bible-reading, deep breathing, and even journaling. Hence, keep this room clean and clutter-free. Take out anything that is unrelated to prayer (stored things, wall hangings, ornaments). If you can, refresh the walls with a new coat of paint or wallpaper so that you are surrounded by a calming atmosphere while in your solitude.

Wall art pictured above: "Be Still And Know That I am With You" Premium Canvas


3. Arrange your essentials.


Your prayer closet should have the basics you need for prayer time. The Bible and your prayer books are essential, of course. Some of us need cushions and mats for sitting, kneeling, and reading. Others would also add their journal-writing materials in there, as journaling helps them listen to God's word. If you have other must-haves -- maybe candles, Christian music, or Christian books -- you are free to include them in your prayer space, too.


Mug pictured above: "Amazing Grace" Coffee Mug


4. Decorate in line with your faith. 

He Left The 99 To Rescue Me Premium Canvas

A prayer room is decorated not for aesthetics but to set the right atmosphere. Having some pleasant visual reminders around you helps put you in the right mindset and gives you more motivation to take your time in prayer. We highly recommend putting up a lovely wall art or two featuring your favorite Bible verses and prayers. Just decorate moderately -- avoid overloading the space with flashy ornaments or too many posters.

Wall art pictured above: He Left The 99 To Rescue Me


5. Go ahead and try your prayer closet.

Creating A Prayer Closet

Now that your prayer closet is properly and beautifully outfitted, go in and experience it. You'll likely find that spending time in there is soothing to the spirit and conducive to your conversation with God. If you feel like you want to make some adjustments to the space, you can do so anytime. The goal is to create your ideal space so that you'll actually look forward to praying and spending time with the Lord.

 Updated 2/5/204

What do you think of these tips? Are you going to try out a prayer closet in your own home? Share with us in the comments! If you would like to get Christian canvas wall art for your prayer room, shop them by clicking here.

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