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Beautiful Ways to Display the Cross In Your Home

cross home decor display

"Never let your home be without a crucifix upon its walls," Saint John Vianney once advised. It's a good guideline for Christians, because the Cross (or the Crucifix) is a solid reminder of the great love of Christ and of our commitment to Him. Displaying the Cross is also a way to declare our home as a dwelling of Christianity, showing our guests that we embrace our faith and are not ashamed of it.

Apart from dusky altars and bulky shrines, there are more visually pleasing ways to display the Cross in your home. Consider these tips, which are helpful not only in terms of your interior decorating, but more so that your faith is showcased in a warm, inviting way.


1. The Cross as wall art

Even Renaissance masters would tell us that the beautiful message of the Cross can be rendered as a wonderful piece of art. To bring this religious art into your own home, hang an affordable wall decor piece like the vivid, watercolor-inspired canvas print above.


2. Floral Cross

Flowers instantly beautify anything, including altars and mantels where you arrange the Cross. But if you're pressed for tabletop space, or if you're reluctant to spend on expensive floral bouquets, there are other ways to incorporate blooms into your Cross display. Just look at the gorgeous floral Cross art above!


3. Catching light on the Cross

There's something about those stained-glass windows in churches that just feels so solemn and lovely at the same time. It's the way they catch natural light and turn it into a more muted illumination. Emulate this magical effect in your home by hanging Cross sun-catcher ornaments on your window.

You can even make a similar ornament with your kids! Try this do-it-yourself tutorial on making Cross sun-catchers for a great Easter craft.


4. The Cross with a Bible verse

What better way to display the Cross than with a line from the Scriptures? There are plenty of Bible quote decor pieces out there, but the one above is a bestselling example: it has a modest but pleasant design, it's premium quality, and it's inexpensive. Most of all, the Bible verse fits so well for any devout Christian home.


5. Unique Cross scene

If you want to make the Cross the focal point of the room, hang a memorable Cross artwork on the wall. An example is the five-piece Cross scene shown above -- it's an artwork that's divided into five symmetrical pieces, making an impact on anyone who sees it.


6. Classic Crucifix

Of course, for many Christian households, nothing can replace the Crucifix depicting the immense sacrifice of Jesus. If you are proud of this symbol, choose a fixture that looks timeless and elegant, so that it surpasses home design trends and shines on its own. It also helps to have your Crucifix in a lasting material such as stainless steel.


7. The Cross as light itself

How symbolic it is to get actual light from a Cross fixture! An intricately designed Cross lamp is at once a great decorative piece, a functional lighting fixture, and most importantly, a shining mark of Christianity in a home. Use it as an accent in your living room or as a nightlight on your bedside table -- this Cross can light up any room.


8. Bonus tip: A Cross on the dashboard

If you're displaying the Cross in your home, why not in your car, too? You'll want Christ's guidance and inspiration all the more when you're driving, so place an ornamental reminder on your dashboard. Choose a piece that won't obstruct your view but is still a beauty to look at.


Did you find any of these ideas useful for your Christian home? We'd love to hear how you are displaying the Cross in your house or vehicle! Share with us in the comments.

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