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9 Wonderful Gift Ideas For Modern Christians

modern gifts for Christians

It's true that the modern world is fast-paced and overflowing with "hustle," but many Christians are able to adapt while staying true to their faith. There are plenty of Christian parents who adeptly balance their career, their family life, and their spiritual health. There are many young believers who, despite the pressures of modernity and technology, are growing up rooted on their religion.

At Christian Style, we honor those people whose modern lifestyles not only incorporate godliness but prioritize it. The perfect kind of presents for these modern Christians are practical, usable items that help stoke their faith. Consider these gift ideas for the go-getting, tech-savvy, multi-tasking modern Christian in your life.


1. Digital devotional

Thanks to smartphones, even the most devout Christians no longer have to carry around their daily Bible devotionals when they go on trips. There are many devotional apps available for free or for a small price. Gift your Christian loved one with a premium devotional app for the most meaningful content. There's a list of free and premium apps here.


2. Dashboard guidance

We commonly spend so much time in the car that it has become almost like a second sanctuary. It's only apt to personalize our vehicle such that it reflects our faith, too. We recommend this crucifix car dashboard ornament -- an elegant reminder of Christ's protection, attached securely to your vehicle without becoming a driving distraction.


3. Coffee and Jesus

Caffeine is the choice fuel of people on the go, but for Christians, the teachings of Jesus are even more needed as motivation. This is why this "Coffee and Jesus" tumbler is just the perfect gift for a modern Christian. It's a handy everyday item that will see lots of use -- and pack a godly reminder for when the day's stresses are getting too much.


4. Christ and baseball

The modern Christian is well-rounded and very likely a supporter of healthy sports. If your friend or loved one is a fan of Jesus Christ and baseball, this sports-themed Christian shirt would be a fantastic gift. It even comes in long-sleeved and hoodie variants, so you can pick the style that your recipient would like best.


5. Mom's grace

Being a modern Christian mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world! As if parenting kids 24/7 wasn't enough, they have to try to stay Christ-like the whole time (a challenge in itself!). Many mothers even manage to juggle a job alongside their major personal responsibilities. This motherhood printed shirt acknowledges the all-consuming mission of being a Christian supermom.


6. Printed comfort

What could be more practical than a lightweight yet warm blanket? Not only is this item an essential in the bedroom, it can also be a cozy throw over the sofa or a handy companion during outdoor trips. At Christian Style, we make this blanket comforting in more ways than one by designing it with an inspirational Bible verse print. It's especially thoughtful as a holiday present.


7. Audio companion

Podcasts are another product of technology that thankfully serve Christianity really well. Leaders of faith are now sharing their perspectives and ministries via podcasting, so anyone can listen to them anytime of the day. This makes podcasts a great companion for someone who is often on the road, commuting, or running errands. For this kind of Christian friend, compile a playlist of the best podcast episodes you can find, or better yet, gift them with a premium subscription. (We found a podcast list to start you with.)


8. Fresh and youthful

Looking for a Christian shirt design that's modern and cool? Even your teenage child will like this "Faith, Hope, and Love" hooded jacket. The timeless Christian icons printed on this shirt are paired with a fresh font style that appeals to more youthful believers. But make no mistake -- adults will find this apparel warm and cozy, too!

PS: Find more Christian presents that your kids and teens will love, here!


9. Artful taste

Though the modern age is busy and technologically-driven, it is not bereft of art. On the contrary, artworks are now more accessible, allowing more people to decorate their homes and offices with beautiful wall pieces. This watercolor-inspired cross canvas print is a stunning example of how art can enhance a Christian home. Gift this to a loved one who has a refined taste in both visual arts and spirituality.


Which of these modern gift ideas would your loved one like the most? There are more Christian items at -- browse now to find the present you're looking for!



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