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10 Wonderful Valentine's Day Ideas for Christian Couples

Valentine's Day gifts activities for Christians

Valentine's Day is so commonly associated with fancy dates and material gift-giving, that we get distracted from truly celebrating love. What does this mean for us, Christians? It means we take a day to especially honor our spouse or partner. It means we make a little extra effort to be kinder to others. It means we express our appreciation for the people around us, and not necessarily in expensive ways.

This February 14th, try these ideas for inexpensive yet meaningful V-Day gifts and activities. See how they warm the heart of your Valentine -- and yours, too.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

1. A heartfelt letter

In a time when hasty texts and instant messages are the dominant form of communication, it's a beautiful thing to receive a sincere, handwritten letter. Equally beautiful is the process of sitting down and taking the time to pour your heart out in writing it. And the wonders of this Valentine present never end: not only is it a concrete way for you to communicate with your partner, it can also make them feel loved every time they read it.

Need some inspiration in writing your own love letter? We found a lovely example written by a Christian wife to her husband.


2. A simple token of vows 

Valentine's Day may be one of those few days in the year when we are strongly reminded of our vows of love and commitment. So take advantage of this romantic day to reaffirm those vows to your beloved. As a cute bonus, re-live the act of putting on a wedding ring -- only this time, it doesn't have to be as fancy. A classic pair of his-and-hers jewelry, like the pair above, can be your token.


3. A special prayer

Here's an idea that's so simple but deeply meaningful: Write down a prayer that you intend especially for your loved one, and turn it into an artwork that they can see every day. Or, look for ready-to-hang canvas art that encapsulates your prayer for your beloved. The one above is well-loved by couples on Christian Style.


4. Proudly worn

It's priceless when couples proudly wear their hearts on their sleeve, be it on their matching couple shirts, their accessories, or their everyday items. It's even better when they show off their faith together! The hooded jacket shown here is a functional example (it comes in women's styles, too!).


5. A verse of love

When it comes to expressing love, nothing really beats words. And what better source of words than the Bible? The Scriptures have plenty of moving verses that celebrate relationships inspired by God. Choose a verse that resonates with you and your beloved, and hang it as wall art. A beautiful present to see every day!


Valentine's Day Activity Ideas

1. Bond in the kitchen.

Skip those crowded and pricey restaurants on the 14th. Instead, bond with your partner by cooking or baking together in your own kitchen. It doesn't have to be a five-star meal. The value of this fun activity is in the doing together -- you get to talk, cooperate, synchronize, and perhaps cultivate more patience with each other. Plus, you get to eat the results!


2. Eat somewhere else in the house.

It's a known advice to "switch things up" when you want to reignite your relationship. Why not pick a different spot in your home to have your Valentine's dinner? If you have a fireplace, that would make a great setting. Or you can set up your date in your backyard (under the stars!), on your balcony, or even on your building rooftop.


3. Experience something new together.

There are endless 'firsts' that you and your partner can experience together. First sunset boat ride, first worship concert, first outdoor meditation... the list goes on. Talk to your beloved in advance about the things that each of you have wanted to enjoy but just couldn't get around to doing -- then do them!


4. Write notes for other people.

We tend to get consumed in our own affairs on Valentine's Day, but what about those people who could use some cheering up? You and your partner can spread the love on February 14th. Try this cute activity: write down little happy notes directed to anyone who reads them, then leave those notes at random places in your city. Spark happiness wherever you go!


5. Volunteer at church.

An even better way to spread the love? Translate it to action. More specifically, do something concrete for those who are in need by volunteering together at your local church or charity. You get to be helpful to your neighbors, plus you get to share one more enriching experience with your loved one.


Do you have your own ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's Day the Christian way? Let's hear it in the comments!

For more activity suggestions for Christian couples, see our doable tips for God-centered relationships.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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