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10 Meaningful Gifts That Christian Parents Will Love

10 Meaningful Gifts That Christian Parents Will Love

What can we give to the persons who have given us everything? That's always the question when we're looking for presents for our parents. Whether it's their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other special occasion, it can be tough to choose items that express how much we appreciate them.

Our number 1 tip here on Christian Style: Make it personal and meaningful. Even just a small token will be well-received if it has a direct significance to them or to your family. Most of all, choose presents that are in line with their Christian faith. Here are wonderful gift suggestions that could delight the best parents in the world.


1. Hobby set

Your mom or dad probably has a recreation that nurtures joy in their soul. Support this hobby by gifting them with a set of related tools or materials. It might be a crafting kit for a creative mom, a tool kit for a handyman dad, or a nice cookware set for parents who love to cook.


2. A shirt with a special print

A piece of clothing is an easy choice for a gift, but don't just grab one off the rack. Find a shirt design that really resonates with your Christian mother or father. We highly recommend the funny Christian "retirement" shirt above, which is just perfect for seniors who are moving on from their jobs.


3. A relaxing day

Parents who work hard every day deserve a day off! Take over their responsibilities for one whole day, be it doing the dishes, laundry, or fixing stuff around the house that they've been enduring for a while. Then, go the extra mile by treating them to a relaxing environment, like at a spa or a nature park.


4. Cozy comforts

There's something heavenly about getting to lay down in soft pillows and warm blankets -- especially when the body is, ahem, not so youthful anymore. We think this kind of comfort is a marvelous gift to parents! Get them a Christian comfort package featuring the Bible verse pillow above and the Bible verse blanket below:


5. Custom couple jewelry

If your parents are celebrating a romantic occasion, such as their wedding anniversary or Valentine's Day, we found just the perfect present: personalized his & hers jewelry! You can find so many shops online that offer custom stamping or printing on necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Or, you can do it yourself! We found a cute tutorial on metal stamping (above) from HGTV.

Bonus tip: If space allows, stamp their favorite Bible verse, too. Or perhaps just their favorite inspirational words (e.g. "Faith, Hope, Love").

For other Christian-themed accessories, see our collection here.


6. A practical everyday item

Sometimes, the most common things are the most valuable. Think of an item that your parent uses everyday, and see if you can upgrade it to improve their experience. Maybe a new pair of prescription glasses? Premium shoes? How about a handy beverage tumbler with a Bible verse print?


7. A good book (or The Good Book)

A copy of the Bible may just be the single most meaningful gift you can give anyone. But there are also many inspirational books that can warm a mother's heart or energize a father's spirit. We found this diverse list of Christian books that includes sub-genres like spiritual, biographies, and fiction.


8. Christian couple shirts

Another sweet idea for a Valentine's or anniversary gift? Couple clothing! Whether it's matching colors, matching styles, or matching prints, those his-and-hers garments would be perfect for your parents to wear when going out together.

We have some fantastic pieces at Christian style, including Christian husband-and-wife shirts (above) and husband-and-wife hoodie jackets (below).


9. A beautiful artwork

Art is a great way to express our appreciation of our parents -- and it's something they'd love to see every day. If you're fortunate to be talented in visual arts, it would be so wonderful to gift your parents with a tribute artwork. But you can also just purchase an affordable canvas piece, like our bestselling Bible quote wall art above.


10. A preserved family heirloom

Your household probably has some items that have a deep significance in your family. Maybe there's a handwritten love letter that your parents have kept for so long, or a food recipe that's been passed down for generations. Or maybe you have photos in your phone showing your parents in sweet candid moments. It could even be a toy or trinket you've kept since childhood because it was a special gift from them.

Learn about the artful ways to preserve such objects. They may be framed, arranged in a shadowbox, or compiled in an album or journal. One Google search can give you the resources you need. The result? A beautiful memory that your parents can proudly display.


Which of these presents would your parents like best? If you're still looking for more gift suggestions, we have many more resources for you:

And if you're ready to shop for great Christian gifts, browse for highly-rated items!

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